MP3 free downloads

Ancient Bard CD Cover Feel free to enjoy songs from our recent project "Ancient Bard" as MP3 downloads.
The following songs are currently available for download:

  1. All Day, All Night (mp3)
  2. Grown Old in Love (mp3)
  3. Right On (mp3)
  4. Voice of the Ancient Bard (mp3)
  5. If I Could (mp3)

All songs © 2009 Buzap & Tim Schönemann.
Poems by William Blake (1757-1827) adapted on 1,2,4 are public domain.

On Writing Our Songs

Buzap Tim performing Songwriting is essential to both of us. Generally, Tim Schönemann with bass & electronica is more focused on rhythm and harmonics. Buzap with vocals is emphasizing melody & lyrics. Nevertheless, both of us have our own ideas on the whole music and don't stick to our own instruments.
As you can see, it is never boring when we are working on new songs. :) Sometimes each of us comes up with a completely different solution for a song part. Then, we listen to both approaches and pick what works best!

Lyrics... and William Blake

We like to write our own music. Nevertheless, when seeking new lyrics, Buzap found the poems of the English poet William Blake (1757 – 1827) compelling and fitting the mood of our music. So, they have become an important part of our lyrics.
Our song "Voice of the Ancient Bard" is based on the same poem by Blake's "Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience". For our "Grown Old in Love", Buzap has adapted the "Gnomic Verses". And "All Day, All Night" verses 3-5 feature texts from William Blake's "The Smile".